Haunted Hikes For Halloween

I love Halloween!! I love ghost stories!! I love fall hiking!! So, of course, I LOVE haunted Halloween hikes! Washington is full of railroad, logging, and mining history which lends itself to stories of disasters, old relics, and ghost towns. Check out some local spooky hikes for Halloween this year and let me know which are your favorites. Bonus points if you go in costume!

DSC01610 (3)

Dripping moss at Rockport State Park, sasquatch’s favorite!


Favorite Local Haunted Hikes:

Northern State Recreation Area – Wander up to five miles of trails snaking through the haunted remains of an old insane asylum including a graveyard with over 1,500 former patients and multiple buildings in various states of collapse. Just off North Cascades Highway in Sedro Woolley, it is easy to access and the perfect destination for a spooky walk in foggy drizzmal weather.

Wellington Ghost Town – Visit the site of the Wellington train depot, now ghost town, and the deadliest avalanche in US history. On March 1st, 1910, two trains trapped by storms were waiting at the Wellington Depot when an avalanche 10 ft deep and half a mile long plunged down from Windy Mountain to the depot below. Both of the trains and the depot itself were destroyed and ninety-six people died. Some say the ghosts of the train passengers still haunt the half-mile long concrete snowshed that was built to protect trains from future disasters. The snowshed is cool, shady, just the right amount of spooky, and provides nice cover for a rainy day hike. You can extend your hike by continuing on the Iron Goat trail to Windy Point, Scenic and beyond.

Iron Goat (Martin Creek to Scenic) – Take a walk back in time along the original Great Northern Railroad grade. While not the site of the great Wellington Disaster there are still plenty of haunted tunnels, eerie snowsheds, and mysterious artifacts to spook kids and adults alike.

Rockport State Park – Perfect if fairies, gnomes, trolls, and sasquatch are more your kind of spooky. Hunt for small creatures hiding in the sparkling moss under all the toadstools or watch for larger ones walking amongst the dripping strands of tree moss in this enchanted forest.

WTA has some other great ideas for good haunted hikes.


DSC09136 (2)

Entering the haunted snowshed at the site of the Wellington Disaster.


For Your Evening:

After your hike and trick-or-treating, curl up at home with a mug of cider and one of our favorite child-appropriate “scary” movies:

Monsters, Inc.

Monsters University

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

BBC Planet Earth – Caves (episode 4)

Hocus Pocus

Then put the kids to bed, spike that cider or mull some wine, and get your adult scary movie marathon going with some of our on-theme favorites:

Tucker & Dale vs Evil (staring Alan Tudyk of Firefly fame!)

The Cabin In The Woods (from Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon both also of Firefly fame! I said from the get go that I’m a geek…geez.)

House on Haunted Hill (especially if you visited Northern State Recreation Area!)

Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness (Probably the best B movies ever!) and the new tv series Ash vs Evil Dead

Extra bonus points if you go for another haunted hike the next day… just don’t try to count how many times you look over your shoulder after those scary movies.

Reading Further:

If you don’t already have a shelf, or entire bookcase, full of local hiking guides and maps, here are some of my favorites featuring this hike and/or others in the area:

The White Cascade: The Great Northern Railway Disaster and America’s Deadliest Avalanche

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Urban Trails: Bellingham: Chuckanut Mountains * Western Whatcom * Skagit Valley

Day Hiking: Central Cascades

Day Hiking North Cascades: Mount Baker, Mountain Loop Highway, San Juan Islands

Hiking Snohomish County

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