Hello! I am the stay-at-home-mom of a wild two-year-old boy, wife to a geek, and avid hiker (ok, and I’m a geek too). We live in western Washington, north and east of Seattle. Perhaps oddly, I have become much more of a hiker after having my son than I was pre-child. I have always loved the outdoors and exploring but have never been in especially good shape, although my husband would point out that “round is a shape.” I used to do small spurts of hiking but mostly worked long hours at an office in front of a computer, hardly scratching the surface of all the outdoor recreation opportunities this region offers.

Now, I spend most days hiking or at least outside with my child. It serves as therapy and exercise for both of us. I am still very much a round shape, but now I have calves of steel and the endurance to hike up a mountain with out thinking I’m going to die. I volunteer with a non-profit group called Hike It Baby (hikeitbaby.com) which is dedicated to getting children and their families outdoors. They have no affiliation with this blog but they have certainly inspired me to get out there and really explore all of our local trails.

I started this blog because it was difficult to find good, detailed information on toddler friendly trails. Many of the trails noted in other sources as “kid friendly” are good for older kids but would be hazardous to toddlers who sometimes lack the good sense and coordination not to walk all of a cliff or into a raging river. And no one ever seems to mention if a trail might be all terrain stroller friendly. If it is noted as ADA accessible then an all-terrain stroller will work but many non-ADA trails are good for the all-terrain strollers too. As the mom of a toddler who is fast approaching the weight/height limits of carriers (not to mention the limits of my back!) but does not yet have the endurance or common sense to hike long or hazardous trails, the prospect of hitting the trails with the all-terrain stroller is very appealing!

I also have rather short legs and am somewhat out of shape, despite hiking a lot, and I can be rather uncoordinated even when I don’t have 50lbs of toddler and gear on my back. I have found that most trail descriptions and trip reports are from the perspective of taller individuals without the unbalancing toddler on their backs.

The goal of this blog is to provide a detailed description of trails including if they are all-terrain stroller friendly and any hazards that could be an issue for either toddlers or the caregivers with short legs who are carrying the kiddos on their backs. Since we live in western Washington, most of the trails described will be in this region; however, we love to travel and will include other regions as we visit them. From time to time, I will also discuss hiking topics that are not trail specific such as gear, favorite trail guides, trail snacks, educational hiking activities, coping with toddler and wild child issues on the trail, etc…

I hope you find the information here useful, inspiring, and/or entertaining!


Disclaimer: The content contained on this site is only opinion and is not expert advice. All road and trail/park conditions should be verified with official sources before venturing out. Always carry the 10 essentials. Consult your doctor before beginning a new activity such as hiking.