West Fork Foss River – Trout Lake

With the sudden arrival of fall, and even snow at the passes, time is running out to get in those higher mountain hikes. West Fork Foss Lakes trail to Trout Lake is a fairly easy excursion into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, much prettier than expected, and has ample space for one last easy overnight with the … Continue reading West Fork Foss River – Trout Lake

Hovander Homestead and Tennant Lake

Featuring farm animals, farm equipment, multiple gardens, superhero scarecrows, a playground, two towers - one with views of Mt Baker, an interpretive center, a wetland boardwalk, a lake, a slough, a river, and a shaded trail, these parks have just about everything you could ask for. The catch? It’s a long drive from the Seattle … Continue reading Hovander Homestead and Tennant Lake

Deception Falls National Recreation Area

Beautiful enough the be a destination on its own but short enough to be a quick add-on to other area hikes or a drive on the Cascade Mountain Loop. Most who stop here only take in the view of the falls, never realizing that the best part of Deception Falls NRA can be found on … Continue reading Deception Falls National Recreation Area

Thunder Creek – North Cascades NP

This Mother's Day I decided on a change of pace from the enchanted dripping-mossy rain forests, but the upper elevations were still snow bound, so I decided to try a gentle walk in North Cascades National Park. The Thunder Creek trail provides a lovely mountain forest with trilliums and fungus of a different color, orchids, and moss of a different … Continue reading Thunder Creek – North Cascades NP

Larabee State Park – Fragrance Lake

The Fragrance Lake trail is one of many in a network of trails on Chuckanut Mountain and Larabee State Park. Somewhat steep, you get a good workout but will be too distracted by the beauty of the trail to really notice. If your child is up to the challenge of elevation gain, they can walk the … Continue reading Larabee State Park – Fragrance Lake