Haunted Hikes For Halloween

I love Halloween!! I love ghost stories!! I love fall hiking!! So, of course, I LOVE haunted Halloween hikes! Washington is full of railroad, logging, and mining history which lends itself to stories of disasters, old relics, and ghost towns. Check out some local spooky hikes for Halloween this year and let me know which … Continue reading Haunted Hikes For Halloween

West Fork Foss River – Trout Lake

With the sudden arrival of fall, and even snow at the passes, time is running out to get in those higher mountain hikes. West Fork Foss Lakes trail to Trout Lake is a fairly easy excursion into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, much prettier than expected, and has ample space for one last easy overnight with the … Continue reading West Fork Foss River – Trout Lake

East Fork Foss River

The trail along the East Fork Foss River is a beautiful and exceedingly green walk in the woods. Primarily used as a backpacking route to high alpine lakes, you can escape the crowds, and the summer's heat in the green glow of the lush forest. Relatively easy going, and wonderfully shady, the trail below Necklace Valley, … Continue reading East Fork Foss River

Thunder Creek – North Cascades NP

This Mother's Day I decided on a change of pace from the enchanted dripping-mossy rain forests, but the upper elevations were still snow bound, so I decided to try a gentle walk in North Cascades National Park. The Thunder Creek trail provides a lovely mountain forest with trilliums and fungus of a different color, orchids, and moss of a different … Continue reading Thunder Creek – North Cascades NP

Larabee State Park – Fragrance Lake

The Fragrance Lake trail is one of many in a network of trails on Chuckanut Mountain and Larabee State Park. Somewhat steep, you get a good workout but will be too distracted by the beauty of the trail to really notice. If your child is up to the challenge of elevation gain, they can walk the … Continue reading Larabee State Park – Fragrance Lake

Rockport State Park

Ok, let's kick things off with a Washington State Park that we just visited for the first time last week! Rockport State Park is all about the forest. Ferns, dripping moss, trilliums, skunk cabbage, multiple kinds of fungus, and big old growth trees that dwarf even the adults in the group. Plus multiple small streams … Continue reading Rockport State Park