Westport Dune Trail

The fires burning across the Pacific Northwest are devastating and tragic. Our favorite camping area and so many beautiful wild places are burning right now and smoke is filling the air for many miles, making hiking difficult to impossible. Our friends and neighbors at home have been posting pictures of cars covered in ash. We … Continue reading Westport Dune Trail

Larabee State Park – Fragrance Lake

The Fragrance Lake trail is one of many in a network of trails on Chuckanut Mountain and Larabee State Park. Somewhat steep, you get a good workout but will be too distracted by the beauty of the trail to really notice. If your child is up to the challenge of elevation gain, they can walk the … Continue reading Larabee State Park – Fragrance Lake

Iron Horse State Park, John Wayne Trail – Cedar Falls to Ragnar

The John Wayne trail is a 110+ mile long rail-to-trail conversion that begins at Cedar Falls, near Rattlesnake Lake, and gently climbs to Snoqualmie Pass before gently descending on the other side of the mountains, to the Columbia River and beyond. The westernmost 3.5 miles is a gentle stroll through beautiful forest with views of Mt … Continue reading Iron Horse State Park, John Wayne Trail – Cedar Falls to Ragnar

Rockport State Park

Ok, let's kick things off with a Washington State Park that we just visited for the first time last week! Rockport State Park is all about the forest. Ferns, dripping moss, trilliums, skunk cabbage, multiple kinds of fungus, and big old growth trees that dwarf even the adults in the group. Plus multiple small streams … Continue reading Rockport State Park